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Girls Casting

On a recent trip to the Skeena River Watershed, Mackenzie (9) and Riley (6) Cayer caught and landed their first fish, with dad Curtis. The girls brought to hand a beautiful cutthroat trout and an 8 lb steelhead… a fish some spend a lifetime chasing. It is this lifelong chase that in the end all comes back to the beginning.

Girls 2How many of us have a childhood memory of fishing where happiness and innocence are the stars? A time and place where nothing else mattered. Those days are not gone. We have opportunity everyday to reconnect with our own innocence and joy through the education of our kids and those younger than us. Passing on traditions and knowledge, tricks of the trade and the simple pleasure that accompanies us to the river, lake or anyplace that calls is the evolution of an angler. One can fish for themselves for a lifetime but the spirit they pass on to the next generation will continue to fish forever.Take the time to connect with a jr. flyfishergirl or boy. It will move you forward and protect our sport for years to come.

Girls 4

A Fly for Every Occasion – Trout Flies Simplified

Summer is here and there are so many flies and presentations available when fishing for trout. Dries or streamers? Swing it or dead drift it? This great piece by Morgan Sherburne should make things easier…!


Check out the full article here. http://www.fix.com/blog/a-fly-for-every-occasion/

Summer 2014 Fly Contest Brought to you by the Red Shed Fly Shop!

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Deadline June 10, 2014
​Summer Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon Flies

Submit your favorite Summer Steelhead or Atlantic Salmon Fly pattern; whether it be a traditional hair wing, married wing, leech, or something crazy! All submissions will be strongly considered. Selected photos will be featured in the July 1 issue of Swing the Fly.

1st – $200 Red Shed Fly Shop Gift Certificate
2nd – $100 Red Shed Fly Shop Gift Certificate
3rd – $50 Red Shed Fly Shop Gift Certificate

Additionally we will randomly select one entry to win a $50 Red Shed Fly Shop gift certificate!
view full article…

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Jr. Flyfishergirl

Jr Fly Fisher Girl Violet Nowak

Pretty in pink, Violet Nowak, on a river somewhere…practicing her casting with her dad, Trevor.

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“Kiss the Water” Teams with Project Healing Waters

Kiss the Water is a sensual, hypnotic and haunting movie, weaving seamlessly between cinematic documentary and hand-painted animation–much the same way Megan Boyd twirled bits of colorful fur and exotic feathers round a tiny, sharp metal hook.

The producers of the film have also just launched a partnership with Project Healing Waters. For the month of May, supporters from around the world can help Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing by buying “Kiss the Water” and making a donation to Project Healing Waters along with their purchase. Project Healing Waters will receive 100% of all net profits collected from additional payments over the cost of the film.

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Andras Outfitters 1st Annual Kids Fly Fishing Camp!

Adras Kids Camp Fly Fisher Girl

Learn to Fly Fish!

This summer Andras Outfitters proudly presents the first annual kids fly fishing camp in Ashland, Oregon! With nearly 40 years of professional instructional and guiding experience between them, Jim and Rachel look forward to sharing their love of fly fishing and the outdoors with children ages 10-15.

Held at the Briscoe School, the five-day camp will cover equipment 101, fly casting (straight line and roll casts), knot and fly tying, what trout eat, where to fish for them in streams and how to catch and release native rainbow and cutthroat trout. Campers will develop strong skills on school property and expand their knowledge off site with entomology lessons on Ashland Creek, casting and line management skills on Billing’s Pond and finally, presenting the fly to hungry trout on the Rogue River!

By week’s end, each child will meet new friends, learn new skills, become confident anglers, appreciate the outdoors, catch fish and have loads of fun!

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Women On The Waters Photo

Annie Kubicka Fly Fisher Girl

Annie-Kubicka somewhere on the Olympic Peninsula with a monstrous Steelhead buck.

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Gyotaku Artwork

In Japanese, “gyo” means fish and “taku” means printing or rubbing. Put them together and you get Gyotaku, the ancient Japanese art of fish rubbing. It didn’t actually begin as art, but was instead used to record the type (and size) of the fish that was caught – a truly ancient form of taxidermy. The origins of the method, like those trophy catches, are shrouded in story.


Legend has it an emperor caught a very large snapper, his favorite fish to dine on. His royal status precluded anyone from calling him out on the inevitable fish story, but he was so proud of his catch he wanted the memory of it displayed for everyone to see (before they chowed down). The idea came to him – coat the fish with ink and then press it on paper! His servants subsequently went to work, preserving the trophy (and the bragging rights)…view full article

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Women On The Waters Photo

Sally Judd Fly Fishergirl

Sally Judd
Sheridan Ranch
Island Park, Idaho
Sage Flight Rod, #5
Patagonia jacket
Simms Waders
Chota Boots

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Spatsizi – by Todd Moen

At roughly 2 million acres, the Spatsizi Wilderness in northern British Columbia, is the home waters for the Collingwood Family of Spatsizi Wilderness Lodge. This film documents Ray Collingwood’s vision, beginning in the late 60′s, to operate a world-class rainbow trout fly-fishing lodge with his family.

With stunning aerial footage of the Skeena mts and Firesteel River Valley, including birds-eye views from Ray Collingwood’s multiple float planes, Todd Moen captures the essence of family in this fly-fishing heaven. An epic father-daughter day in a world-class rainbow trout fishery will capture the heart of every angler. There is no doubt about it, the Collingwood Family has it figured out right.

For more information about tour dates click here.

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