Fishing Girl Game

The fishing version of Frogger. You are a girl standing on the shore trying to catch fish. The challenges are casting, luring without getting the wrong size fish, and reeling in without getting eaten by another fish or other sea creature. The player gets coins for catching fish and can spend those coins on new lures and rods… play video

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Smithers Steelheads

The end of one season and the start of another.

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Fish 50 Trophy Waters in 50 States in 50 Days

Taylor Turner will have a whopper to write when high school begins next fall and he’s asked to tell what he did on summer vacation.

The 17-year-old junior from Warrenton, Va., plans to spend 50 consecutive days with his father Jeff fishing 50 trophy waters in 50 states. The journey begins June 13 when the Turners set out in their recreational vehicle on the 21,000-mile trip.

Taylor had expressed an interest in making an RV trip and Jeff had always wanted to go on a long fishing trip. They combined their ideas and the “Fish 50 Trophy Waters in 50 States in 50 Days: An Epic Father & Son Adventure” was born. visit website

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Possible Hybrid Bull Trout / Lake Trout Cross?

Last season, one of our clients and I were out dry fly trout fishing, and landed what i originally thought was a Bull Trout (Salvelinus Confluentus). At first glance, it looked just like any Bull – the right size, Bull markings, etc. But – this fish was different…after closer inspection, i viewed distinctive Lake Trout markings (Salvelinus Namaycush). Under the light you could easily view the opalescent worm like markings, and i wondered – what the? The fish had distinctive Bull Trout markings too…could it be a hybrid? view full story

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It’s true, fish heart you!

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Exactly how to spell the lake’s name has been debated

Signs for the difficult-to-spell-and-say lake will be fixed.

The Webster-Dudley-Oxford Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors has unanimously agreed to correct the spelling problems on the signs on Route 12 near Oxford and Route 193 near Thompson.

The 45-letter name is misspelled, with an “o” where a “u” should be, at letter 20, and an “h” instead of “n” at letter 38.

Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg is the most widely accepted spelling of the name of the the 3-mile long, 1-milewide lake… view full story

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Conserved Gene Expression Reveals Our ‘Inner Fish’

New research shows that the expression of certain specialized genes in vertebrates as different as pufferfish and humans has remained remarkably conserved over evolution… view full story

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Largemouth Bass Vulnerability To Being Caught By Anglers Is A Heritable Trait

In an experiment spanning over 20 years, researchers at the University of Illinois have found that vulnerability to being caught by anglers is a heritable trait in largemouth bass.

The study began in 1975 with the resident population of bass in Ridge Lake, an experimental study lake in Fox Ridge State Park in Charleston. The fishing was controlled. For example, anglers had to reserve times, and every fish that was caught was put into a live well on the boat. The fish were measured and tagged to keep track of how many times each fish had been caught. All fish were then released.

Males and females from the group that had never been caught were designated Low Vulnerability (LV) parents. To produce a line of LV offspring, these parents were allowed to spawn with each other in university research ponds. Similarly, males and females that had been caught four or more times in the study were designated High Vulnerability (HV) parents that were spawned in different ponds to produce a line of HV offspring. The two lines were then marked and raised in common ponds until they were big enough to be fished.

“Controlled fishing experiments clearly showed that the HV offspring were more vulnerable to angling than the LV offspring,” said Philipp… view full story

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Overkill or adequate punishment?

FORT PIERCE — A 39-year-old Fort Pierce man accused of hurling a fish from the North Bridge and allegedly hitting a boater on the head, faces felony and misdemeanor charges, according to an arrest affidavit from the Fort Pierce Police Department.

Corley faces a felony charge of throwing a missile into a vehicle and a misdemeanor battery charge.

He was released from the St. Lucie County Jail on $15,000 bond… view full story

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What A Guy!

A picture of one of the best dads in the world has just won a top UK picture competition.

The Wildlife Trusts category of the British Society of Underwater Photographers DIVER Print competition has chosen this picture by Robert Bailey of a male Corkwing wrasse building a nest as its winner.

The Corkwing wrasse is one of the UK’s most beautiful fish and is known as one of the best dads in the natural world.

First he looks for a suitable nook or cranny to make the nest then he searches for days for the best bits of colourful seaweed to decorate it.

He hopes his nest building skills will attract a female to leave her eggs in which he will then guard until they hatch. What a guy.

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