flyfishergirl – Amanda Switzer

From the age of 10, Amanda has been lured to the water, mostly trying to catch what is in it. From fishing the town docks, to hitching rides on party boats and volunteering to gaff bluefish, she has always been different from her fellow female friends.

In the past 26 years, Amanda has taken to fly fishing – to the point of leaving a career in Landscape Architecture to pursue a life of being a fly fishing guide. Starting in the industry was interesting as there were, and are still, no other fly fishing guides on Long Island, New York. The challenge of gaining the credibility was what made her excel at the sport. She is in it for the fun, not the competition, and loves to show new people the waters that she calls home.

Amanda has been involved with some television programs, the most notable was the show called, Guide House, that appeared on ESPN, she has been a guest on other shows, and is now pursuing a career in production herself. She is working on a documentary that will bring to light the struggle and stories of her favourite fish, the Striped Bass.

Before Amanda had her amazing little boy, in 2007, she traveled all over the world to fish. New Zealand, Seychelles, South and Central America, and all across the country, guiding, fishing, and learning along the way. Amanda is currently involved with G.Loomis and Urban Angler and runs a Contender when not poling people on the flats in the spring.

“guiding kicks your ass – leaves you poor, and ages you rapidly, but other then that…there’s no better job.”

Amanda has launched The Angling Post, because she wanted to create a place for fishermen to read the facts about fishing lodges, guides, and locations from the people who have fished there, not through the companies and outfitters that provide the service.

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