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Sage Click III

Postby fflutterffly on Thu Apr 09, 2009 3:14 pm

I had an opportunity to use The Click III on my 476 ZXL and found it easy to palm, exceptionally matched to my rod and could go for the bigger fish, up to 17" Brown. If you fish supper light tackle,under a 3wt you might want to consider this piece of equipment. (I fished it on the 4 because that's what I have.) The sage Click series are light, durable and made light drag system. However, drag is applicable via a small ‘button’ which can be adjusted slightly allowing for a bit of line tension when casting and retrieval an empty line or working small tippet. As ‘click’ systems go on drag this was fluid, never feeling the slight bump of the stem running over the cogs. Delightful. The finish is non-relective , done very well, with all smooth surfaces. Spool exchange is simple, design clean and is only 2.5 oz. Even with this light construction I felt no distortion in the reel body while bringing in a larger stream fish.I highly recommend this reel if you like the excitement of palming or feeling like fishing a ‘manual’ action reel. My only complain is the noise, but that's a personal thing and has no reflection on the Clicks ability to fish small to medium streams.
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