Gyotaku Artwork

In Japanese, “gyo” means fish and “taku” means printing or rubbing. Put them together and you get Gyotaku, the ancient Japanese art of fish rubbing. It didn’t actually begin as art, but was instead used to record the type (and size) of the fish that was caught – a truly ancient form of taxidermy. The origins of the method, like those trophy catches, are shrouded in story.


Legend has it an emperor caught a very large snapper, his favorite fish to dine on. His royal status precluded anyone from calling him out on the inevitable fish story, but he was so proud of his catch he wanted the memory of it displayed for everyone to see (before they chowed down). The idea came to him – coat the fish with ink and then press it on paper! His servants subsequently went to work, preserving the trophy (and the bragging rights)…view full article

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Women On The Waters Photo

Sally Judd Fly Fishergirl

Sally Judd
Sheridan Ranch
Island Park, Idaho
Sage Flight Rod, #5
Patagonia jacket
Simms Waders
Chota Boots

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Spatsizi – by Todd Moen

At roughly 2 million acres, the Spatsizi Wilderness in northern British Columbia, is the home waters for the Collingwood Family of Spatsizi Wilderness Lodge. This film documents Ray Collingwood’s vision, beginning in the late 60′s, to operate a world-class rainbow trout fly-fishing lodge with his family.

With stunning aerial footage of the Skeena mts and Firesteel River Valley, including birds-eye views from Ray Collingwood’s multiple float planes, Todd Moen captures the essence of family in this fly-fishing heaven. An epic father-daughter day in a world-class rainbow trout fishery will capture the heart of every angler. There is no doubt about it, the Collingwood Family has it figured out right.

For more information about tour dates click here.

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IF4 2014 – Tickets On Sale Now!

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) consists of short and feature length films produced by filmmakers from all corners of the globe, showcasing the passion, lifestyle and culture of fly-fishing.

From enormous trout in the Rockies to following April Vokey in search of elusive Steelhead, the variety of films at this event are sure to peak the interest of all anglers. IF4 endeavours to chase after the heart of fly fishing through its film selections and we are honored this year to feature “Mending the Line”, an epic film that follows WWII veteran and avid fly angler Frank Moore as he retraces his footsteps on the beeches of Normandy and beyond fly rod in hand.

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival is the event of the year that you don’t want to miss and contains exclusive content not available in any other fly-fishing film event.

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Speycast Media

Speycast Media is a small multi-media company producing digital imagery and short films for the fly fishing industry.

Speycast Media is part of Eoin Fairgrieve Fly Fishing and is based on the River Tweed system in Scotland.

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Because I Am A Girl

Because i am a girlIn October I was walking down a street in the West side of Vancouver, B.C., making my way to the local fly shop (Pacific Angler) for both a business meeting and to buy myself some fly tying items. I got approached by a young man for what I initially thought was ‘another scam’, but turns out it was one of the best things to ever happen to me.

He was representing Because I am a Girl, which is a global initiative to end gender inequality, promote girls’ rights and lift millions of girls – and everyone around them – out of poverty.

The Because I am a Girl initiative was founded by Plan International, one of the largest international charities in the world. Founded in 1937, Plan has supported girls and boys in the developing world for more than 75 years through collaboration with children, their families, and their communities.

Since I represent Flyfishergirl, I immediately was struck by the ‘girl’ part of both of our projects, and although I don’t try to pretend that this website is anywhere near the level of Plan International, the message is still the same…support females and our society will be better for it, whether it comes via fly fishing or through any other means.

So, I sponsored Shirley…


This holiday season I have been tossing the idea around of buying gifts for family and friends, but I decided that I am not going to. Why? Well…why? There is already enough ‘stuff’ in my life, and to be honest I really don’t need more. However; one can never have enough love. Love is free and makes a difference. I told all of my friends I was going to volunteer on behalf of gifts to them. After listening to my girlfriend’s holiday shopping experiences, I definitely made the right decision. ;)

I urge you to sponsor a child this holiday season. For 1$ a day you can provide…

  • Action to end violence.
  • Adequate nutrition, so children get enough to eat.
  • Water and sanitation, a basic right we take for granted.
  • Healthcare, so children don’t die from preventable diseases.
  • Education, so children learn important lessons for their future.
  • Family income so parents can support their children.
  • There are so many other awesome reasons to sponsor a child, but the coolest one is that one day I am going to go there and meet her, and volunteer! I like to think I am pretty good at building houses, so hopefully they will let me. And, if they get scared of me wielding a hammer, I can at least fundraise to build a school. :)

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    Catch Magazine – SEASON 5 DVD Announcement!


    BIG NEWS! SEASON 5 DVD Announcement!
    Huge bonus feature section included.
    Over 1.5 hours of additional content!

    The new Catch Magazine DVD Season 5, The Masters Series, is nothing short of amazing. The fishing videos are above and beyond what we have come to expect…Todd’s best yet for sure. In this DVD, Todd takes it to the next level and includes a huge bonus features section of extra footage and interviews with the anglers, exclusively available on this production. These extras give us a unique behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to catch fish and capture it on film. His anglers provide invaluable tips, as well, describing the fly fishing gear and techniques used in the adventures that bring them success. If you’ve ever wondered “Who is that angler?” or “How did they do that?” in any of Todd’s films, now is your chance to find out!

    Shipping worldwide December 13th.
    Pre-order info will be announced within 24hrs.

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    New Artwork From Mark Chuck Studios

    Mark Chuck Fly Fisher Girl

    To visit Mark’s site, click here.

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    Loon Outdoors | Behind the Scenes Video

    We exist to make the best products, to protect the environment, and to support our community. We not only deeply respect the history of our humble beginnings, but are also unwaveringly committed to our ever-strong foundation: developing premium products that are safe for fish, fisheries and fishermen. We also like to have a lot of fun at the same time. Thank you to everyone that worked on this project.

    To find out more visit:

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    Steelhead Society Of B.C. Fundraiser

    Steelhead Society BC - coldwaterposter

    The Steelhead Society of BC is hosting a fundraising event on November 21st at Mickey’s Pub in Coquitlam. SSBC will be hosting live and silent auctions as well a raffle draw. The funds will go towards a habitat restoration project planned for the Coldwater River; one of the major spawning tributaries for Thompson River Steelhead. SSBC is looking for prizes for the raffle, and auctions. If you or your company is able to help out with a donation, please send to:

    Attn: Brian Braidwood,
    Steelhead Society of B.C.
    110-1140 Austin Ave
    Coquitlam BC
    V3K -3P5

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